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Herbal Treatment For Diabetes Type 2

Treating diabetes requires strong will power and determination. There are various solutions available to cure the disease but you need to strictly follow these remedies to get well and to ensure that the disease does not return. Diabetes is generally categorized as -
Diabetes Type 1
Diabetes Type 2
Here we will discuss natural ways to combat diabetes and why herbal treatment for diabetes 2 is always better than taking prescription pills.
Symptoms of diabetes type 2
Before we discuss herbal treatment for diabetes 2, let's look at its symptoms first
1. Frequent urination- The most common symptom
2. Wounds take time to heal
3. Too much of fatigue
4. Blurred vision
5. Too much thirst urge
6. Extreme fatigue
7. Numbness in hand and fingers
8. Being thirsty often
Herbal treatment for diabetes 2 - The best way to fight
Nature has provided us with so much goodness; fruit, vegetables, herbs etc. that we see in our daily life has lots more to give us than we know. Top health experts including doctors as well recommend inclining on herbs to treat diabetes. Diabetes herbal treatment is less expensive and more beneficial for health than any other way to treat the disease. Let us look at some herbs to treat diabetes.
Fig Leaves
Fig leaves have anti diabetes properties but apart from this, it has many additional properties that will amaze you. Fig leaves reduce high blood pressure, cure liver cirrhosis, ulcer, and genital warts, it also reduces insulin requirement by a diabetic patient.
Use fresh fig leaf extracts and eat it first in the morning along with your breakfast. One can also boil fig leaves and drink it like tea. Fig is for sure the best herbal treatment for diabetes.
Grape Seed Extract
As per a research conducted in Japan, Romania, and the UK, Grape seeds are a miraculous herbal treatment for diabetes 2. The extract is available in the form of capsule of 50 or 100 mg. One has to take three capsules per day, irrespective of any time. However, do not take three capsules together.
Neem leaves
Found in abundant in the Indian sub-continent, neem leaves has wonderful anti diabetic properties. Diabetes herb treatment must include a dose of neem leaves every day. Neem also cures skin disease, malaria, and is used in paste form to heal the skin during chicken pox. Neem is the golden herbal treatment for diabetes type 2 and is available as Himalaya Neem Capsules. Himalaya Neem Capsules have the same qualities as fresh neem extracts.
Turmeric is another herb that is used in almost every Indian cuisine; it also has anti diabetes and anti infection properties. To use turmeric as an herbal treatment for diabetes 2, mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm water and have 5 minutes before meal. You can also mix turmeric paste in water; do this treatment every day and notice the result in a few weeks.
Aloe Juice
Aloe extract is good for the body, both internally and externally. Aloe juice applied on face, removes fine lines and stretch marks. Aloe juice consumed instigates the production insulin in the body, consequently maintaining the blood sugar level. It is not only a good herbal natural treatment for diabetes 2 but also improves the digestion capacity of the body.
Green Tea
Yet another effective herbal treatment for diabetes 2; green tea can be replaced with the regular tea habit. Drink green tea twice a day without adding sugar or milk. It will work on your diabetes and will also shine your teeth (green tea is very good for gum and tooth disease)
Each of this herbal treatment for diabetes is effective enough to cure the disease from the root level provided they are followed religiously. So, say no to diabetes and follow these natural treatments for diabetes.
Apart from these natural remedies, one can also try natural herbal products such as Neem from Himalaya for curing diabetes without any side effects.
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Staying Healthy With Herbal Supplements

Today, everyone wants to stay healthy. People are trying to change their
diets, eliminate excessive use of fats and sugar, cut back on cholesterol, and
limit their use of alcohol in a fight to stay in good health. Every day people
try to find ways to improve and maintain their health, with their primary goals
being to lose weight, exercise more, and getting plenty of sleep. Health
conscious people also focus on drinking more water, giving up smoking, and
improving their health by making wise lifestyle changes. One way that many have
found to stay healthy and maintain their health is to use herbal supplements.

Herbs are plants that are grown for their medicinal or nutritional value.
Various parts of the plant may be used to create an herbal supplement. These
include the roots, leaves, flowers, stems, bark, seeds, and the essential
volatile oils of the plant. Herbal supplements are a great addition to a healthy
diet since it may be difficult to obtain fresh herbs and eat them in their true
form on a daily basis.

Herbal supplements also offer the benefit of allowing a person the ability to
consume certain herbs that grow in other parts of the world that they may
otherwise not have access to. Someone may have plenty of herbs that grow in
their local region, but if they want to take herbs that grow in Asia or Europe,
they may have more difficulty obtaining them. Using herbal supplements allows
you to use and store herbs from around the world in a cost effective and
practical manner.

Herbs have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal values. From
the ancient Chinese and Egyptians to modern day alternative medicine treatments,
herbs have been used to treat everything from allergies to weight loss, and even
as a cure for erectile dysfunction. Studying
different cultures will give you information regarding which herbal supplements
have been used for generations. For example, Asian Ginseng's use dates back
7,000 years. It continues to be one of the most highly recommended herbal
supplements to use for its health giving benefits.

It is important to use herbal supplements wisely. Though herbal supplements
are all natural they may still have contraindications with other medicinal treatments,
particularly prescription drugs. It is always a good idea to let your health
care provider know that you are using herbal supplements. It is because herbal
supplements are powerful and effective, that they may have reactions with other
medications. Therefore, it is important that you never make the mistake of
believing that herbal supplements are not effective. They should be taken in a
wise manner, and according to their dosage instructions. It is possible to have
negative reactions from herbal supplements, especially if you take too many.

By using herbal supplements wisely and in a responsible manner, they can be a
very important strategy in your fight against sickness and disease. Research
continually shows that herbal supplements are rich in vitamins, minerals,
micronutrients, and antioxidants. In a world where it may be very difficult to
consume the recommended amounts of vegetables and fruits daily, herbal
supplements can help you meet those requirements.

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What Are Some Natural Anti Inflammatory Herbs?

There are different plants and anti inflammatory herbs which you can find all over the world. These herbal medicines can be used as treatments for inflammation. Inflammation is the reaction of your body to an irritation, infection or injury. Actually this is considered as a helpful response because it shows that your body's defenses are working properly. However, the body will over rely on this response. It means that it keep on responding even if it is not already needed or responding even when there are already no substance to fight off. Improper inflammation can be dangerous because it usually causes arthritis, cancer, diabetes and more. Inflammation can result to several health problems due to the inflammatory response that is unpredictable and unspecified. Fortunately, there are numerous effective anti inflammatory herbs which are valuable in curing a lot of inflammatory based conditions.
Some of the Best Anti Inflammatory Herbs
  • Turmeric is an excellent herbal remedy for inflammation including tendonitis, arthritis and other types of auto immune disorders. All you need is to take between 400 and 600 milligrams of extracts from turmeric at least three times a day. Turmeric is also available in capsules and tablets. The best way is to take the whole turmeric. Sometimes a good effect can be observed after two months therefore you should be patient. You can also obtain turmeric from curry mixtures therefore you should take lots of curried dishes if you want.

  • Another excellent herb is ginger. You can take at least one to two capsules twice a day along with your food. Another alternative is to make a ginger tea or use ginger on your foods. You should be patient if you want to see its benefits.

  • Boswellin is a natural herb which is a good against inflammation specifically for conditions such as fibromyalgia. You can take two capsules at least twice a day or you can read the dosage on the product label.

  • Arnica is a commonly used herb to remedy inflammation aside from being a reliever for sprains and bruises. Be sure to use it as directed.

  • Bromelain is an enzyme which is also an effective anti inflammatory remedy. Usually you can obtain this from pineapples therefore you should eat lots of fresh pineapples. You can also eat papaya since it is also rich in enzymes. You can also choose to purchase chewable bromelain or papaya tablets.
Other Types of Anti Inflammatory Herbs and Spices
Here are other types of herbs which show some experimental and clinical usefulness as anti inflammatory herbs and spices. You can use these natural anti inflammatory remedies as herbs and spices for your dishes or you can take them as supplements. These are black pepper, angelica, rosemary, cardamom, cinnamon, basil, cilantro, garlic, chives, cloves, parsley and meadowsweet.
By choosing these herbs and spices against inflammation in our system, we can continue to take care of ourselves the natural way. It is also the best way of preventing and correcting our health conditions.

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Herbal Highs

Herbal highs have been popular since time immemorial. In fact most cultures across the globe indicate use of herbal highs for several purposes. While some used it as aphrodisiac, others preferred it for pain alleviation, and still others just enjoyed the high. Almost every country has its own herbal highs that it boasts of. Herbal highs require the intake of herbs or plant material that has psychoactive properties. Herbal highs are also used for fitness training.

Why are Herbal Highs Popular?
A lot of drugs are illegal to possess and use and being caught with them can get you into a lot of trouble with the law. Herbal highs on the other hand are not illegal. Most of these herbs and plant material are easily available and can even be bought over the internet. It is important to understand that just because herbal highs are triggered by natural materials it is not to be expected that they will not have side effects. For instance intake of Damiana may make you euphoric for about an hour, but it may also cause diarrhea. It would be wise to consider the side effects of herbal highs before indulging in them, especially if you have a physical condition such as respiratory problems.

Herbal highs last for a short period of time and the body is cleansed of it soon. This is unlike chemical drugs and narcotics that may have an effect for a long period of time and may remain in the body even after the effects wear out.

Are Herbal Highs Safe?
It would be wise to keep intake of herbal material used for herbal highs to moderation and not try to mix it with other drugs that may cause more side effects. A drug that alters the state of your body poses a certain amount of risk to it, only herbal highs pose a small risk than illegal drug use. These days, it is important to use Legal Highs, and stay away from illegal substances. Herbal Ecstasy has been found to be one the of the best forms of Herbal Highs, and can really get a party going!

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Herbal highs have been popular since time immemorial. In fact most cultures across the globe indicate use of herbal highs for several purposes. While some used it as aphrodisiac, others preferred it for pain alleviation, and still others just enjoyed the high. Almost every country has its own herbal highs that it boasts of. Herbal highs require the intake of herbs or plant material that has psychoactive properties. Herbal highs are also used for fitness training.

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How Safe Is Herbal Medicine?

"All herbs are safe; it is okay that I am on medicine from my doctor and still take these supplements."
These are statements that one may hear if they question the safety of herbs or herbal therapy. However, all herbs and herbal therapies may not be completely safe for everyone. So, before someone delves into those theories, perhaps it is best to understand what herbal medicine is.
So, What Is Herbal Medicine?
Herbal medicine is not just going to the pantry and shaking out some oregano and declaring you cured. Actually, it is based on ancient forms of healing. Our ancestors used what was found out in nature to heal and to prevent ailments. Native Americans truly believed and still believe that all we need in life, Mother Earth will provide; meaning, there is no need to take synthetic pills to cure. However, it is interesting that some synthetic drugs have been based on aspects of nature.
Herbal Examples
Not all herbs are created equally. Some herbs are not for human consumption. At least not the way they are presented in nature. Perhaps some of these have hidden properties, but they have not been discovered yet. It may be that they are only to be combined with certain properties to make them safe. That is one of the funny things about nature; you must never underestimate it and the powers that have yet to be uncovered. Some herbs are merely for spicing up that stew or to make your house smell better. However, some may truly have medicinal properties. A few examples of these herbs would be:
Garlic - Garlic has been used in many Italian dishes, but it has shown to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
Peppermint - Not only useful as a breath freshener but it also helps reduce nausea and flatulence.
Ginger root - Also helps with nausea, especially during morning sickness
Oats & Oat Straw - These wonder herbs are full of calcium and magnesium so they help relieve anxiety, restlessness, and irritated skin
Safety Concerns
Once upon a time, there was a thought that it was time to come up with standards for practical medicine and drugs. This was instilled to protect the general public from fraudulent drugs and doctors and hopefully protect them from further illness or even worse, death. It was not uncommon for a traveling "doctor" to come rolling into town with the new elixir that would cure everything from baldness to the intestinal disorder. However, many were later found to be nothing more than watered-down whiskey or a combination of herbs and extracts. These standards are met during the production of modern medical medicines, but are different when it comes to herbal medicines.
The standardization of dosage and purity is not mandated in the United States. It is remarkable that products made with herbs to the same specifications may still be different because of the result of biochemical variations in the plant. Plants have chemical defense mechanisms against predators that may have lethal effects in humans. A couple of examples would be poison hemlock and nightshade; this is why these herbs are not available on the market. A couple of other cases of negative herb use include liver failure due to black cohosh and chronic licorice ingestion, which has led to major potassium depletion.
Humans Could Be The Ones To Blame For
Once again, this could be a case that we are our own worst enemy. Some humans tend to jump into things without doing the research beforehand, and there are cases with herbal medicine that seem to follow suit. Some patients will be taking medicine prescribed by their doctor that will lower blood pressure but then read an article that claims that a certain herb has been proven to do the same. They think it would be great to double up with both before consulting their doctor or herbalist and ingest both. This can result in dangerously low blood pressure, which can be just as harmful as high blood pressure. It is known that some herbs and certain fruits interrupt with the cytochrome, which is vital in drug metabolism.
There are arguments on both sides of this issue. Herbal medicine seems to become more and more popular with not only followers of alternative medicine but also with those who want to enhance their present lifestyle. Herbal medicine continues to prove safe and effective under proper use, and could be even more so if patients can bridge the gap between their modern medical practitioner and their desire to understand and hopefully benefit from herbal medicine.
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