Friday, 26 October 2012

What Are Some Natural Anti Inflammatory Herbs?

There are different plants and anti inflammatory herbs which you can find all over the world. These herbal medicines can be used as treatments for inflammation. Inflammation is the reaction of your body to an irritation, infection or injury. Actually this is considered as a helpful response because it shows that your body's defenses are working properly. However, the body will over rely on this response. It means that it keep on responding even if it is not already needed or responding even when there are already no substance to fight off. Improper inflammation can be dangerous because it usually causes arthritis, cancer, diabetes and more. Inflammation can result to several health problems due to the inflammatory response that is unpredictable and unspecified. Fortunately, there are numerous effective anti inflammatory herbs which are valuable in curing a lot of inflammatory based conditions.
Some of the Best Anti Inflammatory Herbs
  • Turmeric is an excellent herbal remedy for inflammation including tendonitis, arthritis and other types of auto immune disorders. All you need is to take between 400 and 600 milligrams of extracts from turmeric at least three times a day. Turmeric is also available in capsules and tablets. The best way is to take the whole turmeric. Sometimes a good effect can be observed after two months therefore you should be patient. You can also obtain turmeric from curry mixtures therefore you should take lots of curried dishes if you want.

  • Another excellent herb is ginger. You can take at least one to two capsules twice a day along with your food. Another alternative is to make a ginger tea or use ginger on your foods. You should be patient if you want to see its benefits.

  • Boswellin is a natural herb which is a good against inflammation specifically for conditions such as fibromyalgia. You can take two capsules at least twice a day or you can read the dosage on the product label.

  • Arnica is a commonly used herb to remedy inflammation aside from being a reliever for sprains and bruises. Be sure to use it as directed.

  • Bromelain is an enzyme which is also an effective anti inflammatory remedy. Usually you can obtain this from pineapples therefore you should eat lots of fresh pineapples. You can also eat papaya since it is also rich in enzymes. You can also choose to purchase chewable bromelain or papaya tablets.
Other Types of Anti Inflammatory Herbs and Spices
Here are other types of herbs which show some experimental and clinical usefulness as anti inflammatory herbs and spices. You can use these natural anti inflammatory remedies as herbs and spices for your dishes or you can take them as supplements. These are black pepper, angelica, rosemary, cardamom, cinnamon, basil, cilantro, garlic, chives, cloves, parsley and meadowsweet.
By choosing these herbs and spices against inflammation in our system, we can continue to take care of ourselves the natural way. It is also the best way of preventing and correcting our health conditions.

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